28.4.2016 Bar K, Tampere

28.5.2016 Bar K, Tampere

29.7.2016 Keskustori, Tampere (kukkaisviikot 2016)

13.8.2016 Hämeenpuisto, Tampere (puistofiesta 2016)

10.11.2016 Jack The Rooster, Tampere (Humanwires + Johdanto)

10.10.2017 Private Oktoberfest event, Pirkkala

9.5.2018 Maanalainen, Tampere (Destiny Ocean + Fresh Tides + Humanwires)

4.7.2018 Laikunlava, Tampere (Randy Royal Machine + Humanwires + Vagabond Hearts)

13.7.2019 Myllyranta, Lembois

23.7.2019 Hiedanrannan kartano, Tampere (Humanwires + Poppavati)

10.8.2021 Hiedanrannan kartano, Tampere (Humanwires + Honey Di Jones + Jennifer)

19.7.2022 Laikunlava, Tampere (Humanwires 18:00 + Gehenna Sour 19:00 + Ruckwater 20:00)

xx.xx.20xx Olympic stadium, Helsinki (Humanwires + TBA)


Humanwires is a Tampere based rock-trio, founded in 2010. The band’s music has been defined as “post-grunge”, but we’re not that good with specific genres, so let's just call it rock. However, Humanwires is so underground that only a few have heard of them, so indie that they play everything by themselves and so garage that they rehearse in a garage.

The story began when Janne (guitar / vocals) and Jussi (bass) met each other in 2009 on a dark autumn evening. They were competing in a music contest called OC has talent which was arranged in an irish pub named O’Connell’s in Tampere. Jussi was so amazed by Janne’s ability to do two things at the same time that he decided to contact Janne after the competition. Worst enemies became best friends and they began their musical collaboration. At this point the thought of a rock trio was merely a light breeze at the edge of the universe.

In the beginning Janne and Jussi only did acoustic guitar gigs together. As time passed the need for a proper band grew more and more apparent, and for this they needed a drummer. Jussi decided to ask for his little brother Kalle to take on the job as a percussion-specialist in the band. Kalle approved the offer, provided that the band would only play great music. Kalle still hasn’t left the band, which should tell something about the quality of the music.

From the summer of 2010 Humanwires has been writing new songs, recording and publishing both audio and video material on a regular basis. The band plays live-shows whenever a possibility for one presents itself.